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Master Class II: Using Open Knowledge Resources for Enhancing Research and Education Capacity By Rohini Lakshane

About Rohini.

Rohini Lakshane is a technologist, researcher and Wikimedian based in South India and has been active in the open knowledge movement for the past 12 years.

More at:  https://about.me/rohini

– July 26, 2020. Time – 10:45 am to 1:15 pm
– Registration Fee: Rs. 200/- 

About the Master Class: 

First in a series of Master Classes is meant for researchers and educators interested in using sources of free and open knowledge in their research and in the classroom.

From the perspective of research and education, it will cover the basics of openness, open knowledge, open data, open access, copyright and licensing. It will also cover:

  • Using Wikipedia and its sister projects for research
  • Using open data for research
  • Contributing to sources of open knowledge and open data by researchers and educators
Number of participants for this Master Class is restricted and registrations will be accepted on first come first serve basis

Registration fee for online attendance is Rs. 200/-


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TSP Asia is a pro bono, volunteer driven organisation in the public domain. Registration fees and any other money collected go to our outreach activities through Helping Hands.

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