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Satya Maddela

Satya is a founding Member of TSP and our ICT Adviser and expert. He is an Experienced, Six Sigma Certified Enterprise Architect in Cloud , Mobile , IoT and Blockchain applications. Managed large mission critical projects in GE , BBH , MZeal and CBAS .

Co-founder of two start-up companies which developed embedded systems boards and other which developed FDTL , Safety Management and Risk Audit Systems for NSOPS [Non Scheduled Airlines Operators ] . Designed internal controls in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley for GE commercial finance. Key participant in CMM and ISO audits.

Co authored academic papers involving strategic business plans for Airbus, Porsche, Apple and Environmental Power Corporation. Presented several project proposals that won contracts and have been actively involved in design reviews for BBH and GE mission critical applications. Currently CTO, Director in Albertsons Technologies developing customer engagement products for BFSI in India with revenue of INR 40 Cr. Invested in few start-up’s in healthcare Systems, Blockchain, Alkaline Water, Blockchain based News Portal and Organ Harnessing using Drone. Satya is TSP lead in training, seminars and developing and managing online courses for TSP Academy and the ICT expert for our online courses.