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TSP Asia is a pro bono, entirely volunteer driven organization in the public domain and provides support services in the areas of water, sanitation, renewable energy and waste. For its social outreach programmes, we partner with Helping Hands a charitable trust based out of Bombay. CSR funds and contributions to support the ‘hand holding’ activities that TSP does for schools, academic institutions, community based organizations and for its outreach work can be sent to ‘Helping Hands’ which can provide Section 80 g exemptions as per the Income Tax Act.

TSP Asia is also registered as a Consulting Company under the Registrar of Companies as TSP Consultants Pvt. Ltd

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For further enquiries and assistance in any of the areas mentioned please write to us at: contact@tspasia.org

Support the activities of TSP Asia
Your contributions can be sent online to:Helping Hands
Savings Bank Account No: 012200109000876 IFSC Code: SRCB 0000012
Saraswat Bank, N.S.Road, Juhu, Mumbai

Please Note Cheques or Drafts is to be made in the name of Helping Hands to:
TSP Asia
345, 7th Main Road, NR Colony,
Bangalore 560019 India

If You require a Sec 80G Certificate please indicate and give us the full details, address to where the 80 G Certificate id to be sent by email to: info@taspasia.org