by tsp

Attitudinal shifts, are a result of profound changes in thinking and attitude. Changes in attitudes and behaviours are essential; though, not the only requisite to achieve Sustainable Futures. There is a need for building competencies and skills. Skills is a learned ability to bring about a desired result. ‘Competencies’ is the ability to apply the knowledge and skills. Competence is a quality that helps to work through the ‘how’ of achieving a task. Higher education in India today does not simply offer the needed competencies and skills for the students who go through it.

TSP Academy supported by the unique skill sets, expertise and professional backgrounds of its Council Members and the unique partnerships it has with institutions in India and Asia, will leverage these assets and resources to provide cutting edge frontier education and learning. Thus providing new opportunities that most higher educational institutions as they are currently constituted and geared for education are not able to provide. TSP Academy has special partnerships to run online courses; these courses are aimed at providing greater access to those who are currently unable to access educational resources.

TSP Green Skilling program provides the ability for organizations and individuals to apply both knowledge and practice to achieve Sustainable Futures in their chosen domains of work. More importantly TSP Asia skills young people to meet the growing needs for providing services as organizations turn towards greening and resource efficiency.