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Anjana Iyer

Anjana Iyer, has been part of the Founding process of TSP and has been closely involved in the development of TSP’s work especially in the area of Waste and Green Skilling. She was a key resource person with Wilma Rodriguez at our Capacity Building Seminars on Waste held at the founding of TSP in 2011.

She has been a great resource and has always provided us very good perspectives on dealing with Waste issues and from her ground level experience and entrepreneurship initiatives.

Anjana, has over twenty years of experience in civic and environmental issues with special focus on solid waste management. She was a local coordinator for the Dutch based UWEP in Bangalore and has also managed a number of community based initiatives in solid waste management. Anjana with an MBA and a strong foundation in Economics is also the Founder Director of One Hop Organics Private Limited, a company set up to provide innovative solutions in organic waste management. The company aims to promote sustainable organic waste management practices through composting. An important part of her work is to promote decentralized waste management, as this minimizes our carbon footprint. One Hop Organics’ flagship product is Orbin (please see link in Resources). The company offers customized solutions for special category wastes such as poultry and hatchery waste, landscape waste etc.

Previously she was Director (1993-1995) of Citizens Civic and Consummation Action Group, Chennai and in charge of advocacy and citizen action programs in the area of public services and environment protection. After moving to Bangalore, she was with the Public Affairs Centre (1995-2001), Bangalore and UWEP, The Netherlands. At the Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore she worked in the area of citizen action support and advocacy. Later, she was, Local Co-ordinator, Urban Waste Expertise Program (UWEP) of WASTE, Gouda, The Netherlands, from 1999 to 2001, coordinating projects in community based waste management and biomedical waste management (in cooperation with MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore). She is a Member of Swabhimana, a platform of non-profit organisations and the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), the civic authority for Bangalore City.

She published the Report Card of Public Services in Bangalore (1995) and two studies, one on Integrated Sustainable Waste Management (A publication of Waste, The Netherlands, 2001) and one on Scrap Dealers of Bangalore – A study of the informal sector (a publication of CHF International) (2011) Founder and Trustee, Full Circle, Bangalore, a not for profit organization committed to sustainable water and waste management. More information is available on www.fullcircle.org.in .

Director, One Hop Organics Pvt.Ltd. More information is available on www.orbin.in She has a Multi-dimensional approach to program design, creative engagement of stakeholders, knowledge of functioning of local government, field knowledge of issues derived from several years of experience in implementing urban community based projects with specialization in municipal solid waste management. Her Current Focus is on: Promoting organic waste composting through the Orbin system on a large scale throughout India; Assisting the public and institutional entities fulfill their legal and environmental obligations in waste and water management; Stakeholder training, vocational training and employment opportunities in the environmental services sector.