by tsp

TSP believes that Citizens Participation in Public Policies that contribute to energy efficiency and the greater use of renewable energy requires that there is a wide pool of people competent in Energy Policy issues. TSP therefore offers courses in the basics of energy audits, energy planning and renewable energy options for implementation as well as policy frameworks, the benefits or otherwise of subsidy regimes, electricity pricing, regulatory frameworks and standards and codes with respect to energy use, efficiency and pathways to sustainable energy use. The technologies used in Solar PVC generated energy and Geo-thermal Energy will be taught and the technologies unbundled for understanding costs and efficiencies of different components of each of these technologies and on grid and off grid solutions. Given the demand for courses in this area and given TSP’s unique pool of expertise in this area, courses are offered from one day awareness courses, to two day orientation courses and longer duration in depth expertise and skills building courses based on the specific requirements of the clients. Please contact us for your requirements.