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Ramasubramanian V

Ramasubramanian V has 20+ years of experience in the area of on site assessment, design development, fabrication, installation, and troubleshooting of micro hydro projects in Asian and African countries. In India, he has been involved in the micro hydro projects in the states of Orissa, Andhra, Sikkim, West Bengal, Meghalaya, Uttaranchal and Jammu & Kashmir. He has been a consultant for UNIDO for East and West African country programs on micro hydro. He has worked in Kenya, Madagascar, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Nigeria, and Ghana.

He has prepared over eighty pre-feasibility / feasibility reports ranging from 5 kW to 5 MW, fabricated and installed in over 20 projects sizes ranging from 1 kW to 400 kW. He had also developed training materials on micro hydro engineering for engineers and have conducted training programs in Nigeria under the GIZ supported NESP project.

In addition to micro hydro, he has helped in design and installation of a number of small PV power plants and solar water heaters for various NGOs and individuals in India. He has been actively involved with NGOs in training school drop-outs as plumbers, electricians, solar engineers and steel-work fabricators. He lives in a remote village in Tamilnadu practising organic farming. He has built his house using locally made stabilised mud blocks, house not connected to grid power – all the energy needs are met from a small solar power plant.

He leads TSP activities in the areas of Energy, Renewable Energy and training especially of youth in skilling for Green Skills, Solar Energy installation and maintenance. He is also active and provides technical support for TSP’s programme of getting households off the grid in terms of energy dependendence.