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Sreevidya Satish is an Expert Trainer/Instructor/ Moderator in Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management training courses; Environmental Monitoring and Management, Environmental Education and E learning portal management/Instructor/ Moderator in 30 Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management training courses. She is specialized in E learning portal management, Coordinated 7 Sustainable School Sanitation Exchange programmes with Switzerland, and Developed various Technical manuals on sustainable sanitation along with partners.

She has been collaborating with regard to the sustainable water and sanitation sector and research based projects regarding urban/peri-urban sustainable sanitation systems. She has been Sr. Consultant, from October 2018 to now, with National Institute of Urban affairs for Sanitation capacity building platform project for developing Training modules and reviewing the research study of the FSSM in 4 states. Sanitation Capacity Building platform (SCBP) is designed to support and build the capacity of town/cities to plan and implement decentralized sanitation solutions. She has been working from May 2018 with TSU Bhubaneshwar team for supporting the capacity building in FSSM for the state officials. Work includes supporting the team in organising Regional Workshops and developing web-based learning platforms for FSSM. She has been Working with Centre for Advanced Sanitation Solutions (CASS) at CDD society , Bangalore. Advising the CASS team for the capacity building activities.

She is currently pursuing her PhD in Environmental Sciences. She did her M.Sc in Environmental Sciences from Kerala in University and a Diploma in Sustainable Sanitation for Developing Countries, From Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Aas, Norway. She has been involved in the production of the following Manuals/ curriculum/Tools:Ecosan Curriculum CD 2007 Member of editing team of the curriculum cd for Ecosan Training courses; Sustainable Sanitation In India, 2008; Member of editing team of the manual link: En Ecosan Sustainablesanitation India-2008 Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management Tool Box, 2010, Team Member for SSWM toolbox creation and contributed the whole train the trainer section of the toolbox. www.sswm.info Best options for School Sanitation: Meeting the challenge, 2010 Member of editing team of the manual Book Best options for School Sanitation Compilation of 13 factsheets on Key Sustainable Sanitation topics, 2011 Member of the editing team for 13 thematic factsheets which were produced by the eleven SuSanA working groups Compendium for Natural Water Systems and Treatment Technologies to cope with water shortages in urbanised areas in India, 2013 Editor and Author nawatech.net Papers, 2007 At UNESCO-IHP Symposium, Paris, 12-14 September 2007 link to the paper: www.ecosanservices.org At World Water Congress, Vienna , 2008; Sustainable Sanitation Practices Integrating Water and Health 2011 At WATER 2011,Nagpur, National Environment and Engineering research Campus. Link to the paper: ESF NEERI Paper Sustainable Sanitation and Water Management . 2012 – Linking up Sanitation and IWRM Sustainable Sanitation Initiatives in Urban Schools 2013 Meeting Tomorrow�s Water Challenges: How can tomorrow�s leaders address and face these global water challenges? 2014 Published in IWA year Book School Sanitation in Underserved Urban Areas in India

Sreevidya leads TSP in Water, Sanitation issues and our efforts to promote Eco-Sanitation, Decentralised Sanitation and Reclaiming Water and Reuse.