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Tharun Kumar

Tharun is valued member of TSP Asia’s Council and our Community of Practice. He is the Founder of EcoSTP (www.ecostp.com). He  brings his twenty + years experience in the field of IT and Sustainability. He has accumulated deep expertise in sustainable solutions in sewage treatment. He holds a rich mix of experience in technical and well as business leadership positions in the past. Prior to founding ECOSTP, he has held leadership positions for Sutherland, ICICI OneSource, Cable & Wireless, Hughes and Motorola

In his current role Tharun is focusing on harnessing traditional knowledge and looking at ways to practically apply this knowledge to  address the environmental problems facing us today; specifically wastewater treatment. ECOSTP mission is to solve the global water crisis by reusing sewage, starting from India. He has created a unique ‘Zero Power Zero Maintenance IOT sensor enabled sewage treatment product to disrupt the current model of using power hogging motors to treat the sewage. The product is a replica of a cow’s stomach based on bio-mimicry/ bio-engineering concept. TSP Asia has offered his expertise for post-disaster construction initiatives and he is part of TSP’s pool of knowledge resources for our Disaster Prevention, Risk Reduction and Resilience Courses that we will soon be launching.These certificate courses will be delivered in select colleges and locations, first as a face to face course and soon be part of our Online Courses for wider access and keeping with TSP Asia’s principle of providing wider access to such knowledge resources.